The Regional Museum of l’Horta Sud Joseph Ferris March is a centre for the conservation, diffusion, investigation and exposition of the cultural heritage of the region. It is involved in the social and cultural dynamism of its territory on the basis of the historical components that define the region called “ I’Horta Sud” and form its true personality and identity.

The museum is situated in a house called Boqueta’s Student (“Estudiante de Boqueta”), an old farmers’ home built during the first decade of the 20th century. The visit to the  permanent exhibition allows us to identify the different ways of life a family had in this region. As it was frequent in the context of a pre-industrial society, resources were often obtained from the land.

The visit is completed with other activities that are periodically offered by the museum, which are related to a direct awareness of the region and  to some other concrete aspects that deepen the understanding and contents of this permanent exhibition.