Cultural heritage

  • Cultural heritage is made up of a set of movable property and  real state, material and non-material goods which are the product of a human collectivity that live a particular place and moment in history.Therefore, its concept developed from significant monuments such as castles, places, monasteries and churches, even artistic treasures contained in archeological sites, till comprising common signs of popular architecture, farm tools, festivals,and traditions. All of which integrate what we know as the ethnological heritage. Even comprising the first material evidence of industrial society such as railway station, bridges, industries, irrigation engines, brick chimneys which form the so called “industrial heritage”Historically, L’Horta Sud has been a dynamic territory which has generated a wide diversity of inherited possessions, that are preserved in its cultural scene. Perhaps this proximity diminishes the importance it deserves, sometimes due to the unawareness of its cultural values. Thus, information is fundamental to secure society revaluation and guarantee preservation for future generations as a result.The “Generalitat Valenciana” ( Valencian Autonomous Government ) by reason of transferred founds received on the subject of Heritage from the Central Administration, is competent in terms of preservation, protection and expansion of our cultural heritage. The Regional Museum of L’Horta Sud also wants to contribute to this task focusing on ethnological movable heritage and at the same time guaranteeing its preservation and expansion.According to its statutes ruled by the Consortium for the Administration and Management of the Regional Museum of L’Horta Sud, and developed through a Regulation of the Internal Regime, the museum accomplishes the following tasks:
    • To watch over investigations, prevention, diffusion and restoration of the cultural heritage of L’Horta Sud
    • To give professional advice when requested to Councils belonging to the Municipality Association of L’Horta Sud in areas of investigation, preservation, diffusion and restoration of the cultural heritage of the region.
    • To collaborate with the Valencian Autonomous Administration,( which has complete competence on the subject of cultural wealth), on  duties for the preservation, diffusion and restoration of the cultural heritage of L’Horta Sud



    You can also appreciate from here the inventoried goods of the Valencian Generalitat owned by I’Horta Sud’s region, by searching in the allocated menus for a particular desired municipality.