Cambra de l'oli

The Origin

The Regional Museum of L’Horta Sud Joseph Ferris March  was born of the initiative of l’Horta Sud’s Development Foundation as one of its updating programmes. The foundation aims to offer a view to the cultural traditions of the region that during centuries have been, without doubt, a sign of identity, having determined a proper personality to the territory.

In November 1995 the Foundation acquired a property in the old street of “El Pino” to launch the museum. From this moment on, a collecting task started gathering old bits and pieces that neighbours from the region donated to create the different collections.

According to the prevailing local legislation, the museum was recognised as such by the Council of Culture, Education and Science of the Generalitat Valenciana (“Valencian Autonomous Government”), on the 28th of February 1996.

Sala Faitanar

The Institution

In order to manage the museum, a legal consortium was established on the 3th of May 1999, currently formed by four entities: the Municipal Association of l’Horta Sud, the Council of Torrent, the Foundation for the Development of l’Horta Sud and bank Caixa Rural Torrent. The Foundation for the Development of l’Horta Sud has donated to this consortium the use of the premises and the collections contributed to till this moment.

S1 - Sala Faitanar Exposició "Temps de Radio"

The Instalations

The rehabilitation work of the premises finished at the end of 1999 when the assemble work of the permanent exhibition started.

The venue was inaugurated and opened to the public on the 28th of June 2000 by the President of the Intermunicipal Association of l’Horta Sud.

In June 2003 new sections where made public at the Museum’s location. This now permits the visit of two areas separated from the permanent exhibition, that are designed as idle and open areas surrounded by a more modern structure. This way, new entertainment and educational activities have been brought into service.

The Denomination

The Regional Museum of l’Horta Sud includes the name of its promoter; Josep Ferrís March by Full Board agreement, on the 22nd of June 2003.